Friday, January 15, 2010


hyeeee!! music no it still relevant?for some of us ..yeaahhh it is really relevant and somehow can i imagine that there is one person i know for about 4 years that she(hehe)does not like to listen to songs.i mean sometimes she does listen to some but not really like us.we know every songs that come out lately and do have our own favorite songs or list of them but this person i know is very different from others :).who is she?is she really important?in my life?hehe of course laah.i cannot tell you guys who she is but she is clearly and sometimes weird.haha.hope she does not read this.(really hope):)

but she is not deaf that she does not listen to songs that much.she likes nasyid songs(only 3 of them kot) that she always repeated them when i was with her.(jeng jeng jeennggg got a clue?)okay now let me tell you how weird she is about listening to songs:

1. she does not have mp3(even there is some people who do not own one but still love songs)
2. her handphone has nothing(i mean songs) except messages,phonebook list.(but now she is using a new handphone so i guess and hopefully she has some songs in it at least ONE song!)
3. her laptop?what can i say?has none.i mean NONE.has no videos,movies.
4. radio?nope.she is not listening to it.sorry. u get any clues how type she is?nope.absolutely she is not a boring person lah.she's good,nice,talkative, all those typical malay girls but the only difference is yeahhh SONGS.does she have a life?does not she have a life because of not interested to songs?everyone has their own view about this.NOT LISTENING TO MUSIC OR SONGS DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE OR HE DOES NOT HAVE A LIFE.ok?maybe she listens to it but not like us.always and sometimes addicted to it.hehe(note to myself).

p/s: i am full.and then watching drama on astro Ria.what does it call?Rompakan Kabinet.haha poyo funny suck hilarious wtf.haha.

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