Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parents Overcontrolled or Overprotected


hey there..myself.just got home last sunday.got back from KL cause visiting my aunt in Ampang Puteri Hospital because of thyroid disease.yeaahh i have mentioned it on last blog.got nothing to do.just 'hanging' around in my house.do house chores(as usual).

what i am gonna talk about for my entry is our parents.ok fine.most of the people(i mean ALL the people in the world) love their parents.so do i.we just do everything they ask us to do.like study hard,do not go out alone all by yourself(especially for girls),come back home before 7pm,take charge of what the best course for us to further our study in university or which is the best school for us after PMR?(these are my problems).

i do have this kind of problems.i know some of us out there do have parents that are really supportive,understanding,its called authoritative parents(like i have learned in UIA for Child Psychology>>thanks prof Naeem:) i am not saying that i do not love my parents but there is sometimes(or i can say most of the time) they do not understand me.do not give me a support where is the time that i really really damn need it from them.

what do i mean by parents overcontrolled is they usually make their own decision on my behalf,can u believe it?i am turning on 24 soon and i still do not get a chance to proof anything to myself as well as to other people especially my parents.since when i was 7, i entered this private islamic primary school(which was very good to me) with no enough facilities,accommodation,no field,not enough classes etc.but i was tend to accept everything because my parents said so.

then turning to 13 where i entered this also islamic secondary school.i really have had a great time there (since there were 3 guys liked me..hehehe..ok stop2)..but after PMR i decided to transfer to another school but yeaahh again but my parents asked me to stay..i am not saying that i regretted with their decision because i also had a great time with my old friends and that was the best time i ever had..but again..u know what it is

next stage,went to this school..where i entered for the sake of my dad(boring)..this school also was great.i have learned soooooooooo many things.like get yourself nearer to Allah.solat berjemaah for every prayer times(that was good).i really felt like myself was reborn to be a better person.i know whatever decision that my parents have made was good for me(ye laaa there is no parents want to see their daughter get fool by herself right) but i was just thinking maybe i could have a space a little bit just for myself......fuh

and then entered UIA matric in PJ(now they have 2.one in Nilai).the course?human sciences.i did not even know what the course was all about but again u know.my dad said he has seen something when he was performing umrah.so i did not want to hurt him.as i thought i was still a kid.still afraid to make my own decision.so now i am ex UIA....

can u see guys?what i am trying to say here?even when i wanna go out with my friends there are still rules to follow.i know it is good for me but if just they a little trust on me.i would appreciate that...

so its all up to you whether to judge me based on what??..........it is just an expression of myself.since i do not know how to express it in other ways...no offense heart feeling.

p/s: while i am writing this blog,my mum just got home and bought me my favorite cookies..hhehe and also bought a new kain for my extras baju kurung.it is beautiful..heheh thank mum!.reminder:I LOVE MY PARENTS AND MY FAMILY.ok?heheh

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