Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scary Night Last Night!

hmm not really that scary coz when it happened, me and my lil sis were best wooo felt tired last night after we have eaten murtabak mengkasar(very greedy at that time) in Pekan(my lovely village).hehe.

around 1130 pm,my mum who was sleeping with my grandma and lil cousin(very the naughty boy.haha),suddenly got panicked by seen someone outside the window of the room(just the shadow of a man),wearing like songkok on his head(what my mum saw la)was knocking the mum got up and the 'thief' ran away.

then my mum woke up my dad who was sleeping in the room upstairs and then both got out to see whether the 'thief' was still there(of coz laa the 'thief' has run away kan when he realized people in the house noticed he was trying to scare them).then my dad entered my room and checked and made sure all the windows have been locked.and also the door must be locked(scared f the 'thief' might come back again).

but yes the 'thief'(coz i don't know whether he was a thief or a stalker.scary stalker) did come back at 1 am.he started to knock my aunt's window at her room.i wonder why he was doing like that(maybe coz of disorder symptom.haha).then my aunt got panicked too but i don't know what happened next coz i really do not want to know.haha.

it is not i am scared.just duuhhh what the heck that i need to know that?probably the thief or stalker could be grandma said he was some of familiar person here who is mentally mum said maybe he was a man who is realllyyyy gatal man.haha yup very the gatal.miang.annoying.but suddenly my grandma had a brilliant idea by saying,"alah dia datang mengintai tu sebab dia tau ramai anak dara dalam rumah ni"(probably he came because he knew there are GIRLS here in this house).haha whatever lah tok.

i know it was not that scary because it was not a ghost.but for us(GIRLS), SCARY GILEEER BABE!.haha;p..thanks to my grandma for lauk ketam for lunch!


najwa said...

selok r awk niyh..
pdhal mse tow awk tdo..
selok r nok cter..

Suhada Razak said...

memg laa tdo.da mama ngn tok cite.kite explain la dlm blog.hahah