Thursday, February 18, 2010


salam again for my 2nd entry for today-->>blog addicted

after got all my work done,then i started thinking that i am gonna do my 2nd entry for today.hik3..don't know why i am feeling that i got nothing much to do now since i am still waiting for a job interview.sigh.

i wanna share my primary school memories which is i called it as 'being-a-bully-syndrome.


coz most of the time when i was in standard 4 or when i was 10,i have done a lot of so-called bully behavior and stuff to my ex-schoolmate aka 'long time no see friend of mine'.

i have found him when i tried to search his name(laki sebenarnya) on Facebook and one thing that i like about FB is that it requires us to use our real name(i know some of them use other words like Hanya Aku) and its easy for me to search for my primary school friends.i still remember his full name.

Said Saiful Fazli..(sorry epul i had to write ur full name here.:))

then tadaa.the result came out and he was the only one who had this name!..easy right?;p

what makes me wanna search and keep in touch with him?hmm..coz there is one moment aka jerk and dork style that my friends and i have done to him..;p..then the story begins like this ek:

this boy has just entered our school.Sekolah Rendah islam Indera Mahkota ABIM.he was tall..(because i was too short at that time) and he was a little bit 'lembut' and that made me and my friends wanna do some 'crazy' stuff on him.
(not really a crazy stuff laa..act like a little bit of bully.hehe)

when the bell ring for break time,then me,hanisah and syazmir started our new 'bully activity of the day'.we sit in the same row,like 4 students per row.and the arrangement was like:

1.hanisah 2.syazmir 4.epul(hehe)

our class teacher at that time was Puan Jumiyah(very the garang BM teacher).she had arranged our sit arrangement in class since we liked to chat and made some noise(wah cam lagu miley cyrus lak)while teacher were going out or teacher had to have EL(emergency leave) or had a meeting with PIBG(uh uh right!)

Angry Teacher by Tony Zhang.

so she thought that maybe if she arranged girl sits next to boy and the other way around,we could not have made a was true for other students but for us!.hehe nope its perfect for play and bully!.yeaayyyyy!

when we started to pick up our breakfast meal and a cup of tea(usually milo or tea) then i usually said to my friends,

"weh ari ni kite amek cawan kaler biru.jangan bagi die nampak tau"with a giggle and smile and cute laugh between us.

hanisah said,"eh semalam kite kan da amek kaler biru.nanti die tau.ari ni kite amek kaler merah".again with cute laugh.

syazmir said,"ok ok.kite ikut jek".hehe the only boy that made friends with girls.

the point was that we did not want him(epul) had the same color of cup like ours.coz we hate him and we did not like him coz he was dark aka gelap.boleh cam tu?hehe.

when we picked a red cup then suddenly we saw him also picked the same color!what the fish?(eh2 time tu tadek what the fish2 ni)and straight away we changed the cup,put it back and picked another color.yellow.and we as for girls,we hide them in our hijab or tudung as we went through to our class.

but for syazmir,what did he do?hide it behind his back.hehe comel.kawaii;p

hide them?why?tak nak sama warna laa..

then we sit at our table.all the cups were in the same color.yellow.looked nice laa konon.sehati sepinggang.then he came with a full of 'friendship smile'and put the red cup of his on the table.oh no!

"ishh tengok epul ni.cawan dia tak sama dengan cawan kita kan?"

"aah laa.kita ambil warna kuning.tengok.sama jek tiga orang".

"dia tak sama dengan kita la.kita jangan kawan dengan dia.dia patutnya kena duduk kat meja lain la kan?"

epul said,"tadi aku nampak korang semua ambil kaler merah kan?aik camne boleh jadi kaler kuning pulak ni?" with the sad look on his face.

**the language that we had used.we were 10 what do you guys expect?haha.

ishh tak baik tol aku.hehe but it was fun!and the same thing went on and on every day at school.hak3.

Happy Face by blazin glory.

sian epul.actually i think he wanted to be part of our best laa new boy kan?but we did not even give him a chance and a year later kot he changed to another school.perghh anak manja.;p

but now in 2010,he is a different guy and we have not contacted each other for 13 years?maybe laa buat apa nak contact dengan ex bully.hikhik.

and when i asked him about me and hanisah and syazmir,he said he has forgotten already la.aiyakk cepat tol he does not recognize me until now when i have added him on FB.

and i think he is a great and awesome guy now.*wink*;p

p/s: there are a lot of funny nerd story about him which i suddenly can't remember it right now!damn!..i'll crack that later and share with you all;p


rentan said...

sian doh kwn ko tuh... kejammm pompuan ni!

Miss Fireflies said...

ewah2 ko.mane de kejam.friendly ok.hik3;p

zack zukhairi said...

so cute! hehe.
kesian die weyh! ang 3 orang buli die sorang. dah la die budak baru! tapi kawan ang ni mengingatkan aku pada diri aku dulu2. cikgu arrange student pempuan ngan lelaki sebelah menyebelah so that tak bising la class. tapi lain plak yg jadi kat aku. aku ngan memana pon boleh bantai sembang! haha! what a memory.. rindu zaman itu. :)

nice story.

mie said...

nakal nya!!!!
jopm buli miss fire....

aneszailani said...

zaman budak memang nakal..haha..yg bukan bukan je dibuatnye..tapi tu la yang akan buat kite sengih sampai tlinge bila dkenang balik..hehe