Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diary aka Paper vs Blog =D


hi there.fellas.friends.whoever la.=p..i'm back!<

today i am not gonna write or type too long like my last entries.i just wanna share or maybe somewhat kind of asking your opinion about having a diary(or i like to call it paper) or blog(ermm)

note: paper ok bukan pepper.hak3.

it is not that important though,but i just wondering why do people now like to share something on the internet?can't they just keep it to themselves?or having a diary makes you guys feel less interested to write something on it?i'm not sure and i don't know since i also have a blog myself.hik3

or maybe there are some differences between having a diary and blog.lets check these out guys!

note: only my opinion k=)

1. BLOG=easy, quick, can meet more bloggers,share ideas,

DIARY=easy,not really that quick coz you have to write it,not type it,no bloggers(its private),no sharing ideas(only one's own thought)

2. BLOG=waste time(i mean most of the time.hehe),can create harmful blog or entry if they misuse it,can make it private too(but most of them don't choose this part)=p

DIARY=not really waste of your time coz usually you write it when you are about going to sleep,no harm feelings to others,usually diary we don't show it off to people,even to your BFF or GF/BF or even to your wife/husband.get it?

3. BLOG=can make more money(nuffnang,innity...),apply your creative thinking skill in creating and decorating your blog,can be used as a help from others if we need it(from comments from other followers or readers)

DIARY=nope!can't make money by writing it,also can be creative by changing the writing style(who cares?i'm the only reader.hak3),definitely not getting any help(maybe can if they split it out)

4. BLOG=can be anywhere.we have wireless almost all over the place(house,school,university,offices,shopping mall,starbuck,in a car.woww.for someone who has BB or iPhone or better than that=p).get stuck when there is no wireless(suddenly crack!)

DIARY=also can be anywhere.easy to that heavy.can be carried to kampung,flight,hostel,.no need wireless at all.hik3

some more?get tired of thinking about it..pergh!

well these are some cute diaries that i have been looking and googling.=p

aren't they just sooooooo cute and comel?:-)

just like a hug-gable pillow to me.yeay!

hambik ko.ada siap dengan mangga ada duit jek dalam tu.hik3

this pic is my fav!i like the handwriting,the pen,the line paper,everything!

ok this is not a diary.just line it!

simple but cute=D

hmmm so which one?

me?can't tell anyone!ngeh ngeh...=p

p/s: just get bored and just typed it as 'precious' crap maybe?what the heck?i am loving it!hik3


dianna said...

for me diary is for really private thing. for thing that we dont want to share with others. and me myself dont have any diary sbb i think it just too complicated.

and blog is place for me to share info, share thought and get more friends :) that why i choose blog rather than diary.

lieya orange M.I. said...


Miss Fireflies said...

dianna:hehe thanks for dropping by and good opinion too=)

lieya: yup there are so cute and comel.hik=p

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

kau tulis dua dua aku tak pernah ada diari

Miss Fireflies said...

hahah ngade la ko nk suh aku tulis dua dua lak kn

tapi cm stylo gak kan tulis dua dua.hik3=p

zack zukhairi said...

BLOG - boleh dapat maggi asam laksa dari kawan2 blog. :p