Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DO.NOT.PANIC. Just Ended:-)


well well well(in relief mood.hehe)

actually i went to the library(oh em gee again?)this morning and guess what?

i am borrowing this new novel called

hehe isn't that too fast?i have just finished reading my last novel in 2 days(yuck.other people can just finish it only a day)..;p

i started reading when i was in the library till afternoon.fiuhh so tired(what?) and now on page 118 chapter 7...awesome miss!way to go girl!


umm...okayyy i should have started with interview story-telling session kan?issh why didn't you guys remind me about that?

guys: "what the heck?why we should have told you?"*freak*

okaayyy okaayy.

it started at 830 am sharp!(which i came 15 minutes earlier)<<<---mesti laa nak tunjuk hipokrit sikit padahal mata rasa lebam2 jadi batwoman malam tadi.hik3

felt like dup dap dap dup but maintained cool and stayed cute(eh perlu ke?) and after that had a bad mood coz i felt tired(its hot laa) and sleepy(ye laa reading in the library)

so overall it went well with me and the headmaster(mudir) had a good conversation like we have met before(have we?)

ohhhh hampir ter'forgot'(hehe istilah baru) that i went for an interview for teacher position.my ex primary school.proud to say its name.SEKOLAH RENDAH ISLAM INDERA MAHKOTA KUANTAN.yeeaaayyyy!

but i don't know whether i will get it.just pray for it.*wink*

so i don't even need to share with you all guys what the conversation was all about.it was pretty cool.;p

"don't worry laaa.treat budak2 ni cam adik2 jek"<<<---someone said this to me:-)

p/s: last night i was like really studied damn hard about dasar yang pasal falsafah pendidikan tuh hafal nama2 menteri pendidikan.last2 tak tanya.hampeh!.so much of 'batwoman's eye.hik3.

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rentan said...

wish u best of luck friend