Saturday, February 20, 2010

Novel Novel N..o..v....e.....l..zzzzzz.......


i wanna say......"aarrghhhhh bosannyaaa ".

ok tamat.

i went to library yesterday(poyos!) and i found some new interesting story books aka novels that i think it might suit me well.

it is actually.

some of them were Lizzie McGuire and The Princess Diary(which i have read it half way then gave it back.duhh!..BORING).but Lizzie McGuire was good, plus i love the series on TV.

but now, i have been reading ...

hmmm still moving on to page 100.over 264 pages.fuh!

but i have figured out that the author of this novel has actually 2 other novel series as well.but i could not find them yesterday in the library..-failed-

which are

well actually the story is all about Robert Hawk Junior High School girls and boys who have some normal life living with their family and doing assignment and have summer vacation and stuff.also got some serious problems about friendship, crush on someone and love..blah blah blah.....and Devon is a total LIAR!

actually it is the synopsis of the first novel k;p

i know.cliche.

do i give a damn?....hmmmm...NO!

so maybe you guys know where i can find them out easier than "well, go to the bookstore lah" or "shop4book or MPH kan ada".

owhh if that so then i also can say,"owhh kat kino pun ada la."



p/s: my lecturer Prof Naeem Tariq said to me(actually to us) in class,"you must read a book least 1 page per day"...1 page?can't work out what it means...ada ke?hik3.


miera said...

do u read cecelia ahern's ? :))

rentan said...

asal entry ko lately menyentuh sensiviti aku ni heh..


cepat la weh.. 2 hari baru 100 pg?? ape kes ni!

Miss Fireflies said...

miera:cecelia ahern?kind of have heard that name b4......p.s i love u ek?

rentan:hik3 mana aku tau.tatau2.hak3
ape kes?ko nk kes ape?ala aku bz kan?haha.

Emora Valeria said...

buku tuh ~cam best je

Darkbatman said...

1 page perday, 1 knowledge per 24hours.ahaha