Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Can I Easily Memorize All The Lyrics?


yup as usual have a new stuff to share with you all.
after got stressed out of my handphone.damn!.out of sudden it just got turned on ad off by 'impressive'..aarghhhhh!!!!

so fellas,for the time being,i think i am not gonna use handphone.for about.....i don't know...a week?maybe?duhh!

ok let's move on with our topic for today.

there are some people(ok i lied.huh actually only this person jek pun) that thinks i have this great ability that i have to share with people out there some of the tips.cewah!

yup!i can easily memorize the lyrics of the songs.just for 3 to 4 times listen to it.jeng3...hak3 how?

this person usually says to me:
"orang memang kagum aa dengan kebolehan awok ni"(word awok is his fav word.hehe)

then i reply,
"kenapa pulok?"(my fav word pulok)

he says,
"ye laa orang memang tak reti nak hafal2 lagu nih.orang main nyanyi jek.main hentam.kadang2 buat lirik sendiri".

then LOL...;-p

so here's the tips that i have been using.tet tenet tenet(bunyi menang game):

1. Use MP3 Player or iPod

because when you listen thru it,you will listen every single words clearly.and of course.replay it as much time as you like.but DON'T FORGET!..listen to it in a quiet place.for example like in your room ke,library ke.anywhere laa but quiet place.

don't you guys ever listen to your expensive and cool gadget when you guys taking a train or in a car or while walking or in noisy places.its RIDICULOUS.WHY?if you guys wanna loose your hearing then just go ahead laa.cesh!

2. Listen to it while 'facebooking' or 'blogwalking'

no,i mean in general, listen to your fav songs while doing other stuff.then replay them again and again.

like me..while i'm facebooking or typing my assignment,then i will just listen to my fav song,lets say.....Halo by Beyonce.then replay it when it finishes.then i can just easily memorize it and make my bf jealous.haha.

trust me.when you do really listen to the songs carefully,then you will memorize the lyrics.its simple and easy!.without you have to check out on web to go thru the lyrics.

apa yang penting?..KERJASAMA!!!------huh tiba2 lak kan;p

imagine you can sing it and feel the music and the meaning of the songs.heheh ayat pancing bai..;p

so good luck guys!hope it will help you out.

p/s: from islamic point of view,apply these tips for studying,memorize ayat2 al-quran and do good things.lagi AFDHAL.k:-)


cik EPAL said...

awok awokkkkkk :D

Miss Fireflies said...

ohhh the famous miss cik epal.hik3...nk ckp awak tp slang org timur jd awok la.;p

Fyzal said...

owh.. tips and trick yang menarik :)

Miss Fireflies said...

hahaha thank u!ikut tips jek jgn ikut trick.hak3

sapot said...

cewah...kagom a background die... indah menawan disukai ramai....

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

ish...nanti hati gelap.wakaka.poyo gle aku.

Miss Fireflies said...

mana ade gelap hati.isk3.hak3

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