Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Crappy Stuff=D


hey guys.whats up?

ok i took a few minutes to show you what my mum gave me this evening just now.

its not really that interesting(for some of you) but for me it was my first time seen it.

i think maybe i could have this one too=p..i mean later...hehe.


ok i know it looks like any other ordinary wedding card kan?but if you see it yourself and touch it and smell it, its awesome bebeh!

ok thats all!=p


p/s: "ek ele tah hape2 kad kahwin pun kecoh.bersepah kot yang lagi cantik and kreatif".for 'someone',this is not my wedding card ek.peace!=D


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

sampai sekarang aku tak faham apa guna buat kad kahwin mahal mahal sebab akhirnya buang jugak.

Miss Fireflies said...

hehe 2 la lain kali jemput gune FB kn sng.online.sng nasi pun tak membazir.duit pun jimat.hehe.

para said...

guna mesej pun boleh..hehehe

Miss Fireflies said...

hahaha msg cm da kuang aja sgt.hik betape nk jimat sgt kn.haha