Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Hurts Me :-/


what is your 1st impression when you guys read the title of this entry??

" painful.....hurting....sad....upset...angry....disappointed...hopeless...moody..."

damn it!!....i wonder why lately i have been liking to say these kinda words....being myself worst than ever!

i just wanna ask some mysterious questions for me that i cant still figure out the exact and true answers for it..

"why does it come?"

"how does it come?"

"why does it hurt sooooo much that sometimes i cant even eat?"

"why people like to accuse other people with something bad and bad and fucking bad without even have the feeling to know the truth?"

"how people do not have at least sympathy to other people's feeling?"

"why people do feel hard and difficult to say I AM SORRY to others?"

"how to feel good and think more positive towards others?"

"why and why and why and how and how...??"

those questions keep spinning around on my mind and thoughts...stupid do not even know the answers and why you are still hoping that this blog will 'give' you all the answers that you want?

coz......human beings cant give me that...i think..except ALLAH SWT...feel grateful i still have Him by my side..:)

you wanna know the whole story?..there are 2 stories...feel pain and hurts ok..

i'll promise you guys i'll crack that later....

aduuuhhh moody nyaaa rasa hari ni...

p/s: u ingat i perempuan murahan macam awek-awek u ke???...bullshit!!


~ Ann ~ said...

sabar su..

enjelinajolipit said...

nak emo beragak sikit ye..jgn hentam lepas kat paper exam bebudak....... hahahahaha

Anonymous said...