Friday, March 19, 2010

Stress Dorky :-/


well nothing much happened for today.just went to the library and marking the exam papers and stuff and got caught by the 'pak guard'(hehe) coz i was on phone when i was entering into the library(waaah padan muka hang!)

speaking of marking the exam papers,well i wanna say...DAMN!...sometimes i feel like it was just a piece of crap paper that i have done for them that made me slept late at night,got so much work to do other than making the exam papers for all classes..perrghhh..SABAR is always with me=)...padahal...........:/

now i know how it feels how hard and tiring it could be when my teachers in schools marking the papers.....with damn many handwritings that you could have never imagined,various answers that sometimes i think,"this is not the exact answer for this question??","did you guys really study and read the questions carefully???"

was it my fault making the questions so hard and difficult?i don't think so laaa....i have made it so damn easy..SERIOUSLY dude!

ok case is questions ask!

whatev we do,just do it honestly=)

here are some pics of me back from the to reduce the amount of stress by snaping dork pics..hehhe(wah agak skema)

ok tak jem.i was not driving.ekeke=p

this is my stuff...ok i lied.its not mine=p

can't wait for it to happen=) xoxo

ok over-show off.hmm unknown motif pic.hikhik=p


ok thats it.sat g ada orang kata annoying lak.hikhik=D

ok jom continue marking them.hopefully my mood will turn to POSITIVE AND HAPPY mood tonite....=D

p/s: but i LOVE them!..all of pelik kan?xoxo :-x <3

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enjelinajolipit said...

semak kertas jawapan sgt stres.

kadang2 rase nak pangkah semua je

puas hati!