Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Do I Feel Like I Wanna @#%^*$%&*

salam..(with good mood at first but then...)

ok, as usual, phone.....i mean my hp....arghhhh.!!!get it?

plus, there is something more that still makes my head spinning(bukan sebab angau k.sila jangan salah faham)

ok can you imagine if i am like this at this moment???

ok we already know that working and studying are totally different thing and experience and environment.especially the environment!....i don't wanna talk about it much coz for me the environment that i am working now is so far so good jek laa=D

what i really really bengang nak mamposss is that everyday i got new problems and tak logik punya problem.paham tak camne tuh?it means problems that do not have any LOGICAL reason k.or valid reason aaa kalo style UIA kalau nak excuse dari kelas ke apa kena ada valid reason kaannnn?(ok aku tak pernah skip class ada valid reason.semua tak valid.hikhik=D)

yeaahhh i have never thought to do this when i was in UIA=D

so i have learned a lot of things in working environment and still learning....hope i can make it till the end..haaa???hahahahhahha..ok shut up!

ok back to the main topic...actually i got serious aka unlogical problem just makes me feel like,"damn!...can you do this by yourself?u have been working here like ages!"...haaaaaaa cam tu laaaa...but cakap dalam hati jek la ek..:/

but sorry i cant say what is it all about coz it might embarrass someone...tapi sangaaaattttt geraaaaammm......uh!!.... why there are some people like them aaa in this world?i thought it was only on TV series ke...movies ke....but it really happens in real life ....adoiiii

eh this is what i am going to do no go away! :(

still i have to work on my papers and stuff and because of it,i am afraid that other people in my workplace will think that i am not giving my full commitment about my new job..padahal aku cam dah hampir2 bawah sikit dari sakit jiwa and mental tau!

note to that person: LAIN KALI CAKAP SERUPA BIKIN LAAA!!!!

p/s: and pleeeaaaseee jangan meyusahkan hidup orang lain!....


fiD said...


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

sabar ek.

p/s:apsal aku pun tetiba mental nie bila baca problem orang? ah tak suka...tak suka...pening...

Miss Fireflies said...

fid: aah mmg i marah ni.haha

razi: haha ko ni.dlu entry aku pun yg stress ko cm nk ala2 stress gak kn
hahahha rilek2(aku lak yg merilekkan org len)=D

psychopath said...