Tuesday, April 06, 2010

When You Feel Lost :-(


"Remember my child. You are as brave as you are, Stand up now and fight the fear, Sometimes look behind but never looked down. You are a warrior, you will always conquer all. You will lead your own way, yet you should always remember. You have me in you, have some faith, just hold on to me then you will be fine forever.."

"Manusia adalah insan yang selalu harus dinasihati"

kata2 di atas are taken from ann and hami asraff....thanks guys sebab bagi copy letak dalam entry ni...:)

p/s: dedicated to SR.....


~ Ann ~ said...

ehem ehem..

SR? siapakah SR itu? Shah Rukh, kan? ekekekeke.

<<penyibuk datang!!

rentan said...