Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forgetful or Amnesia? :-(


fuuhhh so exhausted for the last 3 days.on monday i had a teacher's day celebration.with a lot and full of activities..competed between teachers and students(yeaahh as usual la kan)..i had to sing on that day with other teachers...soooo happening.hehe import Rossa tu..kehkehkeh funny..=p

on tuesday i had class as the morning we had a gotong-royong together and said that we had to practice some fire training???ape tah...

today i ..i mean we had a game because on monday we couldn't make it coz of the unbalance weather and raining a lil bit.cewaaahhh..actually it was not really raining but yeah kids right?

so we had a lot of activities together.yeaahh i admit is really fun when you have something with kids..jeng3 something??..hehe when you guys be a teacher then you will know it..bla bla bla...

during break time,i was on the phone with my ex schoolmate.he called me and we were talking about everything.whats going on in school today,how were the teachers,the kids,.and we talked about our old teachers.

ok this is my problem that i think its not as big as big apple(eh eh merapu) but then i was thinking..yeaahh am i forgetful or i have an amnesia??errk??

i don't really and can't remember my teachers when i was in primary school.compared to my friend,he remembers a lot.all the memories that he and his friends had was he has graduated yesterday from school.can you imagine???

he still remembers the teacher's favorite food,the house,how the teachers punished him when he couldn't make the work done,how he has been hit by the teachers,and so much more(eh like MTV's tagline)

me?hmm...i can remember a little...i was a prefect since standard 4...stood on a chair when i couldn't make the maths math textbook had been thrown on the floor by my teacher..perghh garang seh.....there was a boy who liked me since i was 9.until i entered UIA..pergh lagi lama..

i had a phone call from a boy who liked me since also when i was 9...joined a competition like hafazan quran and nasyid in johor...joined a camp with seniors from high school...not much laa actually coz i was a quiet and kind and softhearted student..(errrkkk???muntah sekarang)

but....the thing is i'm worried about is...I CAN'T REMEMBER THE TEACHERS..EVEN THE TEACHERS NAME...........uwaaaaaaa :'(

perasan tak i hanya merapu sahaja di atas???

p/s: am i forgetful or amnesia????


butterflies Lovers said...

xbape perasan la..
bukan merapu, tapi hakikat la laling~ :P
eh, tapi kan, aku pon xbape nk ingat tyme masa skola rendah.. sekolah menengah pon ingat tyme f5 jek..ase mcm sebelom nih, bkn aku yg lalui~ muahahahhaha!

Anonymous said...

how he has been hit by the teachers,and so much more(eh like MTV's tagline).........actually it is channel v's tagline

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

mungkin kenangan tak cukup manis atau tak cukup pahit pasal tue tak aku pun dah tak ingat sangat la tapi aku buat ingatan sendiri.artificial memory.hoho