Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Disappointed :-(


i feel disappointed with my..............what should i do?

a very good friend of mine told me this,

sayang, youre one good soul that I know. So humble, but superb in Arabic. Dont be sad. Fida lg teruk kena kongkong kalau ikut, semua tak boleh. Parent find it hard to follow our rythm. They always want the best for us. Having said that, tau tak deep down inside...we're still their loves one. They cried for us, unseen. Smile, because in our silent life, Allah is always there. Hidden things is there for us, that is promised by Him for our rainy and sad days in life...I remember, in my rainy days you always appear telling that its ok to be what I am. I always like your words. See, you be fine...Insya Allah, I know you will dear.

thanks laling.i owe you a thousand hugs :-)

p/s: terfikir.seketika.

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semutcomey said...

kenapakah makcik ku ini??