Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Moment :-) :-*


the moment i look into your eyes
it shines brightly
without hesitation
to spread the happiness
and today,the whole day
you have made my life happy
you have brighten up my day
with all your love,with my love
with OUR love
let us pray to Allah
that the shines will not disappear
until the time that Allah says
we are not meant to be.


p/s: maaf.i am not so into this kind of person.but sometimes it does. love u b :-*


lya said...

Sometimes.. hahaha..

most of the time mood nis mmg for this *jiwang2* thing la.. ahaha..

nice poem eh..

chah~ said...


"b..i syg u b.." ayat dani dalam ADAMAYA.. hahahaha

weh.. ak da dcide.. xmo tanggal cincin ak.. hahah