Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do You Love...?


it is complicated

i know you know this

you know i know this

we both know this

but what shall we do

none of us can break it


we know we cannot be together

and just now you replied "yes"

i know it and you know it too

why do we keep loving each other

if we know the end of the story

would be terrible,sad,down,hurt,disappointed,heartbreaking,left alone

but we.......still doing it

still having no big all

just like we know we are not meant to be together

from the start

since you know i am not alone

since you know the truth

since you were about to know me

since you were getting to know me better

more than just a friend...

but are we doing now?

keep hanging...

so for this little moment

may i ask you

do you love....?

for real.....

dated: September 1st 2010

p/s: really?

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