Sunday, November 07, 2010

Take Your Time :-)


i have been busy.some of you might think that i have gone for a while because of been betrayed.yeahh my previous entry said so.

well,maybe.probably.perhaps.or whatever.

so what i have been doing?here it is.

just ignore the 'superb' handwriting there.

i will be writing soon with....a lot of things and stuff and...i don't know.

oh the way,for you who has been asking me 3 times about why did i block this blog.and i also have answered it for...ermm once.that's it.true stalker xD

still finishing up with what i am doing now while listening to One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks.repeat it over and over until i get sick of it.haha

and one more thing.i have just deactivated my FB.just for a for the moment i currently too active on tweeting and tumblring (what the).

happy sunday everyone.deepavali?err...

p/s: someone just texted me yesterday with this.'time your time'.erm nice one. =p


Aujinz said...

Happy sunday...

Kuwe said...


bukak tutup bukak tutup. emosi nampak.

butterflies Lovers said...

errr tuh la, aku pon buka fb....

"aik??? markonah hilang?" hehehe oke2, take ur tyme k dear~ ;)