Saturday, February 19, 2011

Semangat yang Hilang :(


hi readers.update lagi eh blog aku.maaf lah blog aku ni kadang2 lama gila tak ingat kalau tak update.kadang2 kalau update tu mahu hari2 lebih satu entry nak all depends on my mood.

so today i was hanging out at my house.then my friend called me.asked me's already 6pm.i can't go out since i am staying with my is so different when the time when you were a just can hang out with your girls without asking a one will care about was all depended on long as you can take care of yourself.

semangat eh..lately i don't have any intention to do anything better in my life..i know its sucks.its like i lost everything when apparently i have everything.i feel like so depressed when i can't figure out what i want to do.who i will be.when i want to move on to the next stage.these questions keep crawling in my mind.

probably i feel stressed out about my many things to do.when things got out of control,i just numb and look at them.which one should i start first?i admit it that i have been lazy to settle has been a while that i haven't cooked for my family.i haven't talked with my dad like we used to..i mean not really like all the time and everyday least we have a little chat.

when i was writing down all these craps,my mum is cleaning up the kitchen,the drawers,got almost everything have been thrown do you get my point?if not,you are well enough to waste your time reading this.

and i haven't gone out with my lil sister to watch movie or something.she will be taking PMR this year and so yeah.seems like she is busy too with all the schoolwork.and my elder sister is 3 weeks pregnant woman.Alhamdulillah.she and her hubby have been waiting for this sweet moment for 3 years.and she cried when she called my mum the other day.i will pray only the best for her :)

many good and bad news come everyday.and we don't know what will we get for tomorrow and so get ready for something new in our life.i'm writing this because to remind myself that life is really tough.and i give my heart out in this blog so people can read and think and feel more appreciate the life that we have now.none of us are perfect but we can be the best if we keep trying :)

aku akan ok kalau aku jumpa cari balik semangat yang lari entah ke mana tu.i need something to warm me up.please..

p/s: kadang-kadang aku pun ada sesuatu nak dikongsi.cuma masih tak berani.


~~DucKneSs~~ said...

salam persinggahan..

pas ni nek lepak2 sini lagi yek..buleh?

JelinaJoli said...

org besar mesti banyak masalah. biasalah. unless kau budak2. itupon slalu ada masalah dengan pembuli di skolah. kehkeh