Saturday, April 02, 2011

Free Time :-)


morning what are you guys been up to?i got no plans ahead except just hanging around at home with my family.quite exhausted this when we got chance to rest on weekend,use it well. *dialog from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone*ehem.haha!

i'm gonna make this entry as normal as other a diary perhaps.the usual things a human go through their life.seriously like,'what the heck miss?are you kidding me?'.haha i know.write whatever you do from what time you get up until the time you shut your eyes.oh yes!.i'm gonna do it right now!

*cliche gila minah ni*

i got up at 630 am.after subuh prayer then slept again.muahaha.that was a normal thing to do huh?got up for the 2nd time at 9 am.went down stairs to check out whether there is still people in my house.sounds odd.but yeah.sometimes my mum and dad don't tell me to go out or,my sis and hubby were here since yesterday.they went back to our kampung.wanna meet grandma.nice..they didn't wake me nice..

and now here i am.sitting in front of my cute notebook writing this crappy little dad went out to send the car for service.and my lil sis now is watching some stupid movie on writing this and listening to ET cover on youtube.

wanna listen to it with me?come on baby!

p/s: so much for my hanging-around-with-my-family...duhh!

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Syuk Ry said...

katy perry.. huhu best la lagu dier..