Monday, December 26, 2011

Just Pictures :)


from the moment i woke up this morning until now as i'm writing this i feel like giving up everything.i feel useless.i wish i could just go to sleep and wake up whenever i feel like i'm ready for a new day.until the worst feeling goes away by the wind.but i just can't..

just's entry is all about sharing some overcome whatever i feel right now.just want to cheer myself up.everyone deserves to be happy,right?

i feel like writing something but i'm afraid i might hurt myself more.yes i'm selfish.

these pictures aren't funny anyway.random.

ampang macam gampang

keeping it since i was 9.

my fav

this is a NO for me next time

the bread tasted like...another NO for me

-rambut mahal.i will laugh-out-loud whenever i see this picture-

p/s: most of them were food.ya i know.

1 comment:

Gua said...

Rambut tu famous kot dulu. Semua orang mesti pernah pnye potong rambut camtu. style helmet pnye rambut. =)