Saturday, June 23, 2012


good evening how's your life going so far?hope it is getting better.

i just feel like wanna talk about relationship this is completely a general topic.because it could be your relationship between you and your family, siblings, cousins, best buddy, or even between you and your students or teachers.

and also as people can ever think of is that an honest relationship.between a woman and a man.yeah man i am not a girl anymore :)

the thing about relationship is truly from my observation and of course from my sweet memory and experience.why did i say it was a sweet memory even most of the time they hurt my feeling?my effort?my time?my money?myself?

because i believe that everything happens for a reason.not only bad things happen for a reason.i admit that i was not that sure whether we have to believe it.i thought bad things happen because...clearly for nothing except to feel angry, regret, the emotion controls you or your life more than you can control it.

love?serious relationship?i have been there in so many various mediums of knowing each other and communication.get it?no i'm not sure you guys get it what i'm trying to say is just so complicated.wanna know my unforgettable unbelievable unpredictable forbidden relationship?

haha sounds rough though.i'll crack about that later.ok?

p/s: really wanna have someone now to share about it.guess i'm not the lucky one tonight :)


Anonymous said...

hape ni Konah. nak tulis, tulis je la terus. penat aku klik :(


Miss Fireflies said...

puihh nak guna anonymous sangat.kahkah nanti kita skype ah.kat twitter keee