Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Day of June 2013

good morning my lovely readers.just packed up coz im going back to waiting for my parents from pasar tani.haha they asked me to wait for is raining was raining heavily last night till 6am.

now im updating my blog in the living room while watching..oh maybe just listening to tv9 which is my mum's favourite tv programe Nasi Lemak Kopi O.thank God im not addicted to any

my brother-in-law is browsing something important from his ipad 3.eleh i got one also maaa.he is always browsing stuff on the internet which i have no idea what that is.he keeps checking his email.yeah man CEO memang lah.busy as always.

Maya Kaheesha?oh she is sleeping.she is my cute niece.bibik tidurkan dia.she is getting chubby and fatter.haha just six months old.she is very very very veryyyyyy comeyyy.

my sister?huh! still sleeping lah what else bro.last friday she got scolded by my papa coz of her failed exam papers which are Physics, Chemistry and Add Math.ahhh what a shame.she got everything kot.a smartphone.a samsung tab.a room of her own which is me and my sisters used to share it together.perghhh lupa daratan betul adik aku.

i found that it is easy for me to write or update my blog through my observation of what happens around here in my house.woowww why didnt i do that before?eh i have done it before lah but like a year or two years ago

ok so it is almost where is my mum and dad?aaaaaaaa come on.

and it is still raining... 

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