Sunday, October 06, 2013


this question is freaking me out sometimes.yes sometimes.because i know myself.

when my friends and i had this little chat back in a few days, i had this weird reaction when they asked me "are you a writer?" or something like when i mentioned any of my favorite quotes that i also mentioned who has quoted it and they were like "you're a good must have something".

i was like ........ T___T

the 'provoking' thingy happened.haha that was stupid.and honestly my real life friends have no idea that i've been blogging or 'writing' (even my cyber friends don't know that).

the real situation is i'm not a writer.i'm a practical ok ok then surprisingly i told them about me having this blog yada yada.they want to check it out but i won't allow it.haha scared huh?

i told them i usually update about everything.not really specifically about any current issues that involves political or religious issues.i usually write about love,relationship,how i feel towards my surrounding like towards people around me,schools,students,family,friends,tips,sharing pictures,foods,travel and also includes some of the emotional entries and some of them were poems that i have written.

poems.i miss the old days...

then awkward silence appeared *krik krik krik* i know right?

they have never thought i could write those things.probably because me in real life and me in cyber world is different.i don't have personality disorder haha don't worry.

i'm happy having this blog and i like to write and let it all out whatever comes out of my i feel. what i observe through this tough i react to could be anything.

am i a writer?no?you decide :) good night!

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