Sunday, November 03, 2013

Alhamdulillah Selalu

i have my own BFF since is different from your BFF in uni.this is something that i wanna share with you and hopefully i will feel more grateful.

story about my BFF.

i have this one friend.we have known each other since primary school. her family is not that rich.i mean not that poor but enough to say that she is the one who takes care of her family alone compared to her older brother who is still studying in Shah Alam.

she doesn't have a good job.she has a job but the salary is not that enough for herself as she has to pay for her car, bills and stuff. plus she doesn't have a plan to get married although she has had once before. her dad is a retiree and her mom is working at the IPD and still has to go to KL every weekend to do stuff for her surgery.i'm not sure what it is.but still need some money to go for the surgery.

that is a little bit intro about her.

yesterday we hung out together as usual.whenever i come back to Kuantan she is the one that i will text to hang out working in Perak (as  some of you already knew) and i asked her to stay with me in Perak and help her to get a job.she responded, "kau tau kan su kenapa aku tak boleh ikut kau.nak tanya lagi..".

"kenapa kau tak boleh ikut?kan nak cari kerja"
"aku kan kena jaga mak ayah aku.siapa nak jaga?mak aku sakit.ayah aku pulak selalu masuk hospital cek darah semua.itu hari dia pengsan tau.sian dia..


i'm so glad and grateful that i have almost everything in my life compared to her.i don't have to pay the family is one got sick so far mom still dad is a retiree but still got some money that he and mom can perform umrah every year.

sometimes when the hard times say 'hello' to me i never realized this whole thing that there is always people out there or my best friend that probably could have faced more complicated situation than me.

i'm so stupid. 

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