Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favourite Blogger is Back!

yes that is it.my favourite blogger is back on track yaww.

He's been missing for exactly a year and then he has created a new blog, a new instagram account, a new twitter account all at the same day in October 2014.

I'm pretty excited because I've been following his blog since he was in Auckland. Attractive and humble kind of blogger I've ever met.

And because he is my favourite blogger so I can't tell you guys much about him.I f you can figure out on your own and that's cool.

p/s: I've been a little unwell since three days ago.:(

1 comment:

Aujinz said...

aku hang tak favourite kaa Kon?
kakaka... nak unfollowlah gini...

hang dah ada isi ka?