Thursday, January 01, 2015


I just want to share a very good quote from someone.

"What's wrong with you people, don't you have enough of your life that you HAVE TO CHECK ON 

other people's lives everyday?Life is not all about you, you and you.It's all about helping the poor, 

contribute to the society and make the world a better place to live.If you die today, aren't you 

ashamed to meet the God?You're full of yourselves, didn't help the orphanage, you threw litters 

everywhere.How dare you gonna meet Allah with that attitude?"

I took it from someone else's favourite blogger actually.the blogger has updated the entry about what was the blogger's lecturer has told them in class.when I read it then I decided to post it on my blog for a new beginning and a fresh start for the coming 2015...well it's a few hours I believe.if you guys wanna know who my fav blogger is you gotta figure it out hon.

p/s: I'll publish this post on January as usual.Happy New Year resolution?he he hehe...can't tell.

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Aujinz said...

Good quote. Am I one of your favourite Blogger, Kon? Koh koh koh ~