Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Day

I should have known.
That you would leave and
pretend everything is fine one day.
That you would go on with life and wake up
as if you have not heard my name one day.

I should have known that you would meet new faces
and new persons as the time passes by.
That eventually these faces will erase all the features
of my face and the nuances of my voice
from your memory.
That one day I would sound foreign to you
and soon enough I will return to a complete stranger.

I should have known that you would laugh and smile
under the rays of the sun with specks of silver in your eyes one day.
You would speak jubilantly and would banter jokingly with another reason
that makes you happy one day.

I should have known that the time will come when you are
completely, utterly and perfectly free from the mention of my name,
from the notification of my existence,
from the murmurs of your intuition.

I should have known that you have found another solid muse
to stay up late for, to reach for during melancholy days,
to lend your square shoulders to,
and to bid goodnight wishes and love lyrics to.

p/s: this is not mine. taken from my favorite blogger. you can google it if you want coz I won't tell youuuu lalala~~~


cEro said...

Terkesan betul mende ni dgn aku...
Dapat rasa oo sakit yg disampaikan.

Miss Fireflies said...

Syabas cero syabas.mungkin poem macam ni sesuai untuk mereka yg belum kahwin la..hihi