Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trust :-/


pasal trust.aku cukup berjaga-jaga dalam hal ni.orang2 tua cakap pantang la.siapa2 yang menghancurkan kepercayaan yang aku bagi kat dia ke,kau ke,kamu ke,mereka ke,its still important to matter who you are.i don't even care.

and lately..and now...i don't feel like want to trust anyone right now..seriously.i feel like people around me are............pff..whatever.

i just need trust.your trust.her trust.his trust.everyone's it hard?

tell me.

i have given you my trust.for free.then what did i get?


you just grabbed it and left it.just gone.without even say thank you.

no no...i was stole it from didn't even ask for it from me.and never give it fast...

i am not saying that i regret with all you have done to me.because i don't even care about myself anymore.i'm used to it.i'll just let others control a robot.let them hurt me.i just keep hurts...all the time.

now i was not my is just your ego is strong enough to keep you from being honest with me.with her.with everybody.

keep on hurting yourself.because what i know now is...I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING.

i thought you were the one.someone that i can look up to.

now..i don't trust you.

p/s: tolonglah.

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